Saturday, 20 August 2011

A little bit of poetry for the condemned.... Don't ask.

Sometimes I feel like the world
Has gotten away from me.
Like I have somehow gotten disconnected.
Because I wasn’t listening,
Because I’ve been daydreaming,
Because I’ve been too happy.
It turns into a just deafness in my ears
And hazy, old, half-arsed ideas in my eyes.
I am scared of the things
I’ve long mastered, yesterday
The world all of a sudden just
Becomes too damn big for me.
My dog gets sick.
My lenses go dirty.
My car won’t start.
I pay the last buck
to go see a movie – and it’s bad…
Life just sucks,
For dense twenty-five seconds.
Sexy kisses can’t save me.
Good books can’t save me.
I am too small to be affected
By victory histories.
It’s just twenty-five, but they tend to resonate.