Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Watched the Whistleblower (the Kathryn Bolkovac one), such as it was, and then had to watch the House Bunny to level it up again. Human trafficking is such a depressing subject. It's such a waste of a cause, because no matter what you do, no matter how much you try and help, nothing changes. Even if you supressed a sex urge in men and all their needs for showing off drunk in front of their army buddies, there would still be rape and murder among young women. There has probably never been so much publicity to aim and inspire counter-actions, and yet there has never been such massive trend. Even in the times of Romans, when it was considered posh to own slaves, you had less of these gutter-drowning remains of human beings that will likely never be girls again, even if they survive. 
There's such an ugly scene, when the Bolkovac woman pleads desperately with one of the 'waitresses' in the raided bar to come with her, but the girl just ...doesn't, can't.... and not long after she is manhandles and pulled up and shot in the head. Not an unexpected result, but still such a gruesomely dissarming one.
      Just as I prohibit The General to be a cop, so as he would not every day have to witness the lowest of human condition, so he prohibits me from getting actively involved with any of these organisations that do work on the field. It seems aloof from at a distance, but pretty loving and logical from up close.