Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I am likely to be sporting an interesting bruise on the arcade of my right eye tomorrow, because of course there will never be a day that I don't manage to maim myself while shooting. We had a bad fight with the General on the subject, because he was afraid I will seriously damage my eye, but he simply does not get it: in that position, I DO get badly hurt, but I also hit the bullseye. If I move away, sit safely and focus more on the stability of the barrel (so as it will not hit me so hard), I only hit well. Anyone can hit well.

Some day I certainly will practice more. When I learn how to make my own bullets. And get us a better scope. Untill then i wear by idiot bruises proudly :P

Oh, and the autumn certainly seems to be just around the corner... have really mixed feelings about that.