Saturday, 13 August 2011

I have spent the day, one of those lazy, slow, nothing days, where you deliberatelly slow the hours from slipping through your fingers to a painful extent, because tomorrow will be sunday and then monday and then the vacation is over :,((( ... conjuring a magazine in InDesign, pasting photos and massive headlines everywhere in an eager attempt to invent my own fashion publication... just for kicks. And learn how to work with inDesign, damnit. So far I have a hundred pages of photos that don't quite seem as cool as I had hoped, but they are far from entirely useless, also. No real title yet, I'm calling it Papercut and bumming folk to send me some random fashion texts to pin up. All in all, such a cute school project :D
       My period may be starting, as I've been feeling progressively shitty, up until when we retied for the day and I sat on the floor by the couch reading Not Bad for a Human and General would comb my hair for half an hour, watching TV. Enough for one day ;)