Monday, 22 August 2011

Spent the day making photos for the party from Saturday. My head hurts..:/  Dunno how things will go, as negotiations stopped as soon as they offered me a contract and I turned it down (stating that should I be bound by legal relation and should it just so occur that I got a wedding to shoot on the same day, it would be a rather unmathematical move on my half to give up on the wedding for a bothersome gig worth one tenth of the pay. I anted them to see the difference between someone worth 150 bucks and someone that actually brings skill and gear to the workplace.  Fun as it was, i do not plan to go so beneath my worth anytime soon.

Here are the pickies:

We watched the last Pirates of the Carribean (Curry beans?) and appart from the bit that we are literally gagging with heat, I quite liked it. The adventure! The life Sparrow lives! :D The decisions he makes! I quite like it indeed.... But it's too fucking hot to stay behind the computer unless I truly need to. Fuck this heat. I am logging off. Moving into the bathtub.


mkphotography said...

Tisto na linku so tvoje fotografije?

Pix said...

Tako je. Vsaj one, podpisane z Evo Klevsko.