Thursday, 25 August 2011

Fast five (a.k.a. Ocean's Eleven on NOS) - an' stuff

Haha, ironically, one of the songs on the OST is our Zumba song :D Imagine that :))
        Okay, so I had an urge to watch a movie so packed with testosterone, it basically oozed out of speakers, screen and other computer orifices. Won't complain. Some men were ridiculously good looking for my tastes at this point in life. (Have a thing for bestial alpha males. It's probably a mid-thirties thing :))) The women were terrible, I cannot stand such wire-art stick insects and it makes anyone above the age of twelve look sickly and old. Maybe Scarlett Johannson spoiled us all, being gloriously full, but even watching Cowboys and Aliens yesterday made it painful to watch because of Olivia Wilde, who looked like a week old corpse for the most part. Sorry, but Jordana Brewster is just ugly. 
        The men, as aforementioned, looked good. Some, albeit a step down from the evolutionary ladder of humans, almost looked better than the cars and the cars were sizzling. I am not much for muscle vehicles, in fact couldn't tell a Honda from a Volkswagen if it were not for the little logo on the mask, but where the script lacked in intellect (those dialogues, for the love of Gods?!) it made up for in preposterous driving. I loved the train heist at the start and the whole dragging the bank vault (which is something like ...eight or nine tons?) with two Dodge Chargers - even if they holstered 6.1 liter HEMI delivering 425 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 420 lb-ft of torque at 4,800 rpm. Forums beg MythBusters to try that - though probably not to also wreck half the town and turn 200 cars into waste iron snowballs. 
         Vin Diesel, ten years my senior and Dwayne Johnson 'The Rock' half that, have such cool on-screen presenca. Their mildly gay scenes of pissing contests 'who spends more time in the gym' are so cute. Diesel (and his stepping stool) I could watch with my eyes closed, as he isn't all that easy on them, but listening to him is a whole different matter. He has a voice that makes you want to crawl over the desk and put your ear to the speakers, trembling excitedly, and shyly. The Rock guy, though, *looks* whoaah!y. I didn't know people can look like that until I saw an early Rambo - it's really amazing someone can be that big and Johnson truly could be a guy that fetches Stallone's smokes sometimes. Even the way he spits, sweats and - well, let's face it, it turns me on - executes evil people - is an inspiration. I want someone like that in my fiction. Even if just to occasionally beat up Snufkin and then fall off a cliff. (.... into a soft river. You know you are supposed to shoot at the water surface before you crash into it? Evidently it kills you a little less.)
          Hm. And I'm  starting to have strong (positive) emotions towards Rio. It looks like such a majestic city with those bays and that mighty statue of Zohan looming over it... Also loud and beaty latin music. Must be the weather :)) I am probably just thinking if I have to suffer this heat, I might as well get something sexy in return.

 Pretty pretty cars (and Vin Diesel on his faithful stepping stool.)
 Thinny and puffy in Rio
Oh, look, a fed that reads...
 Admit it - you can taste the testosterone on this one. there is something about men with biceps bigger than brain...
 lady that looks like a shark ate her arms and an Asian dude that, traditionally, looks like a girl

Hello. :) I wouldn't mind taking a portrait like this someday..


Turquoise Viola said...

I absolutely looove all the fast and furious movies :))