Sunday, 28 August 2011

B-Day party :D

Last night, towards the end of the day, I walked down the hill and the southern wind started blowing. The day was super hot, it was like a melting pot, but I think the summer did it's best to last JUST as long as my festivities... and on the walk down, the leaves started raining down and chasing me. I took my shoes off and had no music in my ears. It was perfect. :) Also, for the first time in about a decade, I could have gone to the Medieval Fair and rather chose to stay with my friends... The feeling's kind of empowering. :)

 No need to say there was plenty to eat, but there was a bit of a bother with cakes. I made this super dooper delicious looking, light fruity cream cake because it's what everyone tells me they would like. And then I always make a Sacher for the General and I had time to make a coffee cake for me. First one to run out was the coffee cake (that mum tells me nobody ever eats. Yeah, right.) And then, for as long as I could protect the Sacher, mum eventually cut it because one of the fucking kids insisted he wants that one - only to eat one piece and then leave it - something that if I had any say in it would be a good asskick instead. But naturally after the spell/chocolate crust was broken, the cake was torn appart. The only cake left was the pretty cream one. And some of the creamy 'swans'...


 Doggie. General took this shot. Eyelevel :)

Now this is a face of a happy man. Otherwise on a diet, dad had the rights - given by me, the birthday girl - to indulge :D

 "Pascal, play wet. Plascal? Play wet! Now! ... Good dog." :D
Sis even got the old pool working enough for some basic cooling down, much needed.
Here, if you look close, you can see: doggie one, drowsy with joy. Doggie two, tired with devouring. Doggie three, oh, so happy. :D Roles rotate.

 The samurai chef :D



Turquoise Viola said...

I'm sorry... so sorry I wasn't able to come :( ... I wish I were there...

Sanela said...

škoda ker nisem mogla priti :((((