Sunday, 7 August 2011

Can't get Lance's book yet, though I certainly plan to, as I have had a crush on the thespian since I was about twelve... I ate about a kilo of popcorn during the trailers and then spent two hours getting my saliva back while watching Super8 in the movies, late show. As per every movie by Abrams I've seen, I liked it a lot (The General not quite so much.) and for once the monstrous alien wasn't entirely bad. The scene where the big creepy crawly opens his human eyes is just SO... Wonderful. General considers me a freak for being so very much NOT racist - in a grander sense - and accuses me of dating a couple, but I always say just because something is butt fugly and eats people, doesn't necessarily mean they're bad. Often they judt need a hug. Though that may not apply to zombies. Zombies suck. Nighty night boys and girls (or all preferrences and species). Been a very interesting week. Perfect, even. Tomorrow we aim to upgrade.