Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hihi, make that 119 and they are still coming in :D
        The General brought me this delightful drink made from grapes and aloa vera, that tastes just right with ice, in this absurdly hot weather, and looks like a mashed up jelly fish :D 
        There really isn't anything I would really want or need for my birthday, save maybe some bits of gear for my camera and some sex toys just for fun, ... I really have absolutely everything I could ever wish for. Happiness really dampens imagination haha. Though not to worry. I have asked for as many kisses from my love, strategically placed in the number of years and as they are many, the years, and as I have yet to name he places I want kissed, General's been kissing me all night :)
         Which is extra admirable as we are both soaked, smelly and dead tired no matter how many times we shower and no matter what we do to keep cool - it just isn't working :S