Thursday, 25 August 2011

Product of a morning dogwalk ;)

The light at 6am is perfect :D There were no mists today, gosh darn, but it was still adorably nippy and very refreshing indeed :D

Sophie, all grown up :D

Sara, believing these lense flares are energy orbs radiating from particularly interesting objects :D I like that idea, haha.!




(Sara really does try and achieve every silly idea we propose :D)

This is the sound of the dog's inner monologue: "I love these morning walks, but for the love of GOD?! are these coffee stops afterwards bothersome!!"....


Sara Stropnik said...

o, here are comments to put it out ;)yes, it was a magic summer morning dog and frieds walk, when nature is still sleeping and we could see the Sun getting up, dawing the sky, and hugging everything aroud. I like mornings and I like you, the way you are catching all this special moments of being, shining all the beauty from inside out that we all become princes of every kind. The dogs too.
Keep playing with that, you are on the right way, you are so enyojing doing that, my favourite photographer in the world.
After all this time we are playnig together I wonder the taste of your home made STRABERRY JAM ;)

Pix said...

Haahh, I told you it was worth getting up so early :P