Friday, 26 August 2011

I have spent the day with some posh creative peeps... I suppose they were all very famous, but I am so alien to the world of music I wouldn't know Elvis if he asked me for a light. But I noticed two things. First it was, when one of them asked me, where in media can I be found, I said in truth I am mostly hiding from the media. In fact I am mostly gathering the rage to launch myself out of the comfortable existance into the mince machine of the public life... That was first. The second was that I am still way too much in awe of anyone remotely Important looking. I would just roll over and do anything to make them approve of me, or be happy by me. Like a fucking schoolchild. It would not be such a problem, if it just made me polite, it makes me also appear meek and abusable... Inga teaches me these things, making me realize much faster than I probaly would be on my own: that we are not here to do favors and make coffee friends. That comes if it comes. We are here to work. And we do not work for favors and fame above all - above all is a fair pay. Fame and favors may come when bills have been paid. We are all professionalsmandnif we were not good enough for them, we would not be here. So get over the schoolchild mode already, woman. Get over the shy, meek mode. You could have given them your cards and they could all go home and check out your blog, but noooo... All I did was keep very quiet and wish I could go home soon... LoL, I am such a fuckinxg idiot :)))))