Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Another heat wave coming up. This is soooo messing with my sex life.. I have no money left (thank you, Mladinska knjiga, thank you for fucking up my summer. Of COURSE the editor fled to vacation, leaving me behind like the last bucket of shit, completely carefree about my vacation. Like why the fuck would I even deserve any, right, dear?), so no prospect of making myself ice-cream baths. Or at least showers. Those are good stuff. You can drink, eat and freeze over at the same time.
          General is shipping me off to my parents until the heat passes. I've finished working on the catalogue more or less, so no need for me to stick around, really. I'll edit Gorgi on the iPad and read or write until somebody pays me for something and I can turn the airconditioning back on. Though both can be a while - the heat wave and my pathetic ability to collect due fees.

            I've finished reading a cute book - I read the ending beforehand, so basically my endless track record of never actually finishing any book stands fairly untarnished. It was a really lovely read, although it describes some fairly fucking awful scenes from the WWII... And most gross of it all is some parts regarding parasites - due to involuntary lack of hygiene and famine. Gross gross gross.
           It's possible the Steve Jobs autobiography will arrive soon, so I'll read some realistic work for a while... I didn't like Gatsby much. I mean, it's extraordinary literature, but those poor/awful people were just too much for my tender soul. I like blunt, direct stuff, like orc gang rape fan fiction or romantic adventure stuff like that. Deterioration of the soul... that just unsettles me and I cry. And I can't cry now. I'll dehydrate.