Monday, 22 July 2013

Ssoooo sleepy. I slept less than 5 hours tonight and not from wishing it so. Worked all day yesterday. Made dumplings in the evening, uphill. Walked home with five pounds of fruit for G. But the highlight (or low point, however you wanna call it), came after I already hit the horizontal: a bunch of fucking assholes decided midnight on a Monday is a ripe time to bring out guitars and happyhappy drugs and sing. Not sure if it was ten badly in-tune people or twenty okay ones, but the whole thing sounded terrible. And it came and went in waves, because of course nobody knew any of the songs whole. Even the songs i LIKE. Did I mention I live in the most acoustic street ever? The sound doesn't diminish down it, it amplifies. It's dead down-town, buildings are tall and close together and fairly flat. Finally, at around one-ish the cops came and asked them to clear the fuck off, nicely. But of course by then I only had until 5am to pass out and catch the zzz. Then doggie walk time. At least that was chilly and very pleasant and I got plenty done until now.
       But now I gotsta catch up on it. I'm starting to exercise dyslexia. I'm typing like a person who has potatoes instead of fingers.