Sunday, 28 July 2013


Watching Top Model again ... I love this show. It's my guilty pleasure and I suppose I will always secretly plan our next Audition project :/ Even if that's only so that i will be able to take a million shots of a hundred really cool girls. The show I'm at now is the ninth cycle of the Britain and Ireland setting. Not sure what other Brit cycles were like, but this one only has three judges, maybe not the most interesting judges, and their panel is done in reverse. Another main difference is that most of the time things said are positive and encouraging. In the American shows, most of the critique is negative. Especially the latest panel, what with Kelly and that graceless internet freak brian something, most of what they say is very very whip lashing on the girls. Then again American girls are a lot tougher. I can imagine the attacked girl go backstage, fuck and bitchslap the little asshole at the same time. Blog about that, you shitty tiny individual.

Because I am a sucker for gingers, obviously, my favourite to begin with is Sarah - a twisted looking little mutant that cries a lot. She sooo reminds me of one of the girls we had. That one also looked like a mutant and she was also incredibly nervous all the time. I love her story and her home and how she'll eventually come out of her shell (as far as i can see on portfolio). She may not win, dunno, and she may not stay my favourite, but she's just so cute. there are plenty who are beautiful and plenty who are obvious forerunners - and some that i just can't look at or listen.

And you get some really cool lines :D "It's like being in like a really chic prison. With like really nice lamps." :)))))