Tuesday, 2 July 2013

World War Z ... Oddly enough, I was fine with it.

It's been quite some time since I went to the theatre alone, but I wanted to see this movie (having read half of the book) and more importantly - the place was air conditioned. That was the main, reason, really.
       Nobody I know enjoys horror, if you can call it that, enough to hit the 4 o'clock screening. Save maybe Rockstar. But he's someplace else, dunno, celebrating end of his seventh grade or something.

I was glad it wasn't anything like the book. I actually though it was pretty scary and well shot. Okay, I'm not saying it'll ever make my top 200, but despite the excellent reviews, I thought the book was sanctimonious, unoriginal and boring. The book is mainly about the regimes and shady organisations and political commentary and we should all love one another better, with some cliche zombie encounters thrown in for good measure. Maybe it gets more original in the second half, I don't know. Or less 'the world is a better place with everyone dead'.

Some of the things I really liked: like, I REALLY liked the scene on the roof at the beginning of the movie, after Gerry gets sprayed with Z blood. And he's looking down, counting, and you don't get to realise what he's doing just that moment, just like his wife doesn't, that he's planning on killing himself in a second.

I liked how he gets to meet all those people in a hurry. Again, several viewers, mostly American, resented this and didn't understand it. I wrote about this in Zero dark Thirty review. This is what desperate measures look like. You are running around, trying to piece together enough of what you hope will change anything. And who those people were and how did they know everything (like that toothless CIA guy) .. Well, that's what some people do. They deal with shady info. They know one another well. All over. I know this, because journalist parents seemed to tap into those kind of shadows. And I was little when war hit our country, so I know most of it is just desperate running around, bumping into strangers who at the time seem life-saviours.

I liked the unfortunate little virologist. I thought his brief speech was very good. Also, his death was almost unavoidable, because that's how nervous lab people behave.

I had more to say, but I am sleepy and hungry and have to pee.
yeesh.. We don't really change much since we're toddlers, do we?