Monday, 1 July 2013

Dexter S08E01

Finally something to watch over this long drag summer. Not many other shows on that I would actually look forward to these days. I'm waiting for The Bridge and Low Winter Sun, but meanwhile all I'm really watching is Under the Dome. And by watching I meant I saw one episode and will download another. 

Dexter is cool to watch, even when it's not all that good - you don't have the feeling it's bad until much, much later. Everyone wants to see what will happen to Deb and even though nobody likes any of the characters, I just want more, more of this. The eight season even has Charlotte Rampling in it and I am deeply attracted to Charlotte Rampling. For a second or two I even felt aroused watching her take on Dexter. There's something eerily erotic about being pined to the wall by a serial killer, staring him down like the little boy he is and saying, basically: what else you got there, bitch?

I really hope she doesn't die early. Hm. Carpenter and Hall (excellent surname pairing) divorced recently, haven't they? One can tell.