Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Dirty ghosts and clarifications during lunch break

Funny old world :)) I'm still feeling sick and still no idea why (pressure? heat? nerves? am I finally getting diabetes?), and this has been going on for a few weeks now. To get my blood up, I went out to get some chow, I thought I saw somebody from the by-gone days. No dirty looks, though. Odd. There are always dirty looks. In fact there's usually the tendency to stare at me until meeting my gaze and THEN giving me dirty looks. On my way out, I saw it wasn't a shameful ghost at all. God must have made two of them. Unless there were plastic surgeries to shave off a decade, this was just a ridiculous doppelganger. Hence no dirty looks, duhh.
     You know how they say coincidence is God's way of staying anonymous? I realised this show of fate was meant for me. I am not the core of confrontation between those dirty ghosts of the past fuck-ups. I am just the one that's deeply ashamed of being a fool. This will never grow old. I will always feel pissed on. There rest is just...  Kinda funny. If the person was right and there were no dirty looks, the past would be past. But there are always dirty looks. It isn't me who insist on dragging the past on like a stinky dead rabbit on a stick, lesson shouts.