Wednesday, 10 July 2013

For the past few days, I haven't had the luxury of internet – a luxury that gets under your skin within minutes and makes you forget the ancient times when not every household had, say, three. Last night I had to get, literally, out of my chair TWICE: to look for information in BOOKS. Actual books. Made of paper. I had to get up and find my old school Latin dictionary, wipe the dust and dead spiders off it, FLIP the pages and discover the word I was after. And then, only moments later, I was lost at finding exactly how many lights years are in a kiloparsec. Again. Had to get up. Get the book. Wipe it. Flip it.
It is getting decadent around here. I cannot find out when the library is open, because I would have to actually walk to it and check. (Or call, but I don't have my phone with me either.) This blackout is causing me to panic. I haven't checked my email in a day! I have NO idea what that Barbra Streisand boxing movie was called! I don't know the word for female genitalia in Australian Aboriginal language!?? How can I ever know what I want for my Chinese delivery, if I can’t see the menu??
Okay, breathe. Just charge your paddie, go across the street to the cafe, connect to the real world there. See? No biggie. Aboriginal word for cunnie is gumirri.