Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I can't get over how shitty the attitude towards authors is. Seriously, like all this is funny to someone. I am starting to believe that editors and publicists truly hate authors out of sheer envy and frustration and take their tiny fart of power just to rub salt into wounds that they inflicted. This, as a last act they can possibly take.
      I asked my editor - who knows my company went bankrupt while I was waiting for them to remember we had a contract - to speed up paying my fee for the book. Considering nobody cared what we were doing or how we do it when they pushed the book for half a year and it had to be finished in a month, come rain or hail. She said sure thing. Then, a month later, I asked what the fuck? She said she said she'll TRY. Okay. Fine. Do that, then. Then she said it's not so easy with people being on vacations and whatnot. I asked - ALL of them? The whole department? She wrote back she has to ask her boss first and he is on vacation. It truly is hard, when your boss goes on vacation suddenly, five months BEFORE you say you'll try to ask for something. Oh, he didn't go five months earlier? He went recently? Why didn't you ask him then, then??
      And so on and so forth. OF COURSE this is just a flying fuck of naivete on my part. I KNOW that. The money will be there on the last fucking day of contract. Perhaps a day or two over that.

I am making a list of things I am going to buy with it. Slowly and carefully. Starting with the:

- Soraya
- Gorgi
- Adorable shit from all over Drej's market. I'll just ape shit on that.
- Shoes for mum and dad
- Take my whole family for diner on my birthday
- some other stuff I really want but can't think of right now... probably regarding books.
- possibly change a haircolor
- probably some clothes. G insists.
- Oh, and possibly a new watch for G, as I broke his last two   O.o