Friday, 12 July 2013

Lovely peaceful day :D
It feels SOOOO good that General is allowed to walk around. Also, it takes 180 days to wait in turn for physicaltherapy and a friend got us in next Monday. This is from tears to grins situation. And a close cut. Fuck the health system in this land.
We spent the evening playing rep WoW, listening to Nina Simone and modern Charleston. I watched some Moomin episodes on YouTube. I love the scene in which Little My tells Snufkin they should date. It's not known whether he is aware of their relation or not, but his reaction is funny either way. Although he has been known to express affection, I suppose the thought of dating the worst little girl ever is beyond his stoic nature. Or he simply knows they're siblings.

I have to say I am not fond of the Tove Janssen documentary. It makes her out as a depressed dyke, hating the fact she was only famous for the Moomins and nothing else she did (as much). Another damn Alma. Why can't people who make such excellent fables be happy people IRL??