Monday, 29 July 2013

Every morning I go through my speed-dial list of sites, to see what's new in the parts of the world that interest me. Wiki, blogs I follow, iMDb, Youtube, Deviant Art, RottenTomatoes, Metacritic, CNN, TED talks, HelloGiggles and a hentai hardcore site that shall remain unnamed. I used to follow twitter, but they banned me, though I never learnt why.

Anyhoo. By the end of this round, I am almost always completely upset. And this is before I even make it to the sex part. For example, today I was reading about the Italy's ministress (minister of integration), Cecile Kyenge. For being a lady of colour, she has had bananas thrown at her and a senator compared her to an Orangutan. Granted, Italy is famous for having truly retarded politicians (let's recall the man-whore Berlusconi, who told Obama he looks well tanned). But still. That amount of stupidity depresses me to no end.

On the other hand, I read an article that a Maasai elder is trying to encourage his tribe into ... well, not 21. century, that would be pushing it, but at least, say, 12th. He wants to bring telecommunications to people, educational programs, encouraging women to take up small businesses, stuff like that. Of course instantly he is getting big words from people who seem to exist merely to preserve the stone-ageness of Maasai. Because they are so quaint and pretty. Nevermind they exist in the sort of mentality that got outdated 2 million years ago. As long as they stay pretty, female circumcision and illiteracy is cute.

I wish someone would call me racist, but it has to be someone who was there longer than me and lived with more Africans than I did.

On the other hand, a Ugandan midwife is considered for a Nobel Peace Prize. In some theory, helping so many babies survive is just leading the nation into an overpopulation that will sport more poverty, but fuck it. Any of the surviving newborns could be the next Mandela.

She was so funny, this lady. She said the one drug they have plenty to give to young mothers in pain, is Verbocain.

Work it out. It's pretty funny (and sad, too), when you realise what she's saying. :D