Friday, 12 July 2013

Finally something to watch a.k.a. Few very good (albeit at times damn depressing) procedurals

LUTHER (now on season 3)

Idris Elba is outstanding, but that's not why this show is so good. Much like Sherlock, it swirls wildly on the main character, but the disgusting reality of his work and his broken life are almost an art form of it's own. There's a moment in which a very old, very sick - and by sick I mean gruesome - serial killer/mentor talks about why Chinese bound the feet of girls. It wasn't because of the feet at all. It was because when forced to walk like that, they gained very muscular vaginas.
         Stuff like that makes this show incredibly good and incredibly hard to watch.


Still waiting to see the most alluring serial killer on BBC return :) Her presence is constantly highlighted.


Too soon to talk of actual overall greatness, as I've only seen one episode, but I love to listen to the Spanish dialogues, repeating them out loud, Diane Kruger is lovely (like the review writer said - you should decide whether her performance is great or awful and stick to that.) and the contrast between the sides is so wonderfully illustrated it just might work.

THE KILLING (also on season 3 atm)

Same as Luther (only a lot slower and more to do with consequences than actual crimes), this show makes you feel that no matter what you find out, what you solve, things are only going to get darker and worse.