Friday, 26 July 2013

Wolverine wasn't nearly as bad as I feared..

Thanks to Maja, my movie-going buddie, I got to check out the latest X-men (and surely there will be more.) I didn't expect it to be anything much in a sense beyond it's regular setting, but I'm happy to admit I was wrong. This could have been a whole lot more terrible. And I haven't even yet had the chance to read the comic.
     My biggest concern was what will Tao Okamoto be like. She is one of my favourite Asian models (alongside Sun Fei Fei) and having an Asian supermodel cast as a lead damsel-in-distress of a superhero movie doesn't always necessarily pan out. As it turns out, she is amazing. All 24 pounds of her. (True, she is at times painful to watch, because she seems like one third of an actual person in width.) It's been a while since I saw such grace and beauty in a first-timer. Usually they are a lot more desperate. oddly enough, besides japan, who has a prominent role, thank you, photography director, all women in this film are impressive. The tiny fire sprite is adorable and the Russian venom lady is just the right amount of utter bitch to full the role perfectly. Men are slightly more predictable, but I imagine that's what most will go see: action.
    Now I'm sleepy. My twitter acound has been suspended, no idea why. See me mourn.