Monday, 24 March 2014

300 2.0


Watched 300 with Maja. I needed this, we both did. It only takes 120.000 beautiful men to die in a blood sea for her to cheer up and all i need to feel better is to eat a bucket load of ... well, many things, and a movie with a lot of photogenic scenery and inventive costumes and we're settled. I'm not sure what went on (in fact am a little bit embarrassed to have forgotten who exactly fucked up whom where in those days), though I am fairly certain human body contains only 8 litres of blood and people with split knees shouldn't be able to run... But okay. The trailer beforehand was that of Noah - another film you can't really go in with logic switched on. There's just no way for a barge like that not to tilt dangerously in such weather with all those animals unrestrained inside....
So. It was a movie much needed. Also, I bought another truckload of chocolate, because I am turning it's wrappings into book markers. that's the only reason I am buying a truckload of chocolate. Lindt can turn the tides of your whole day.

I know this is not in appreciation of my species, but... Those poor people. Those poor ants. All we ever do is fight and fuck and fight and burn and fuck and build and fight and ruin... nameless billions of billions of hotblooded candles in the rain... For no reason, no purpose, no reward, killing one another over and over and over again. An occasional leaf with a name written on it gets caught in the branches of time momentarily, but other than that a myriad of nameless souls pollutes Heaven with no hope of ever changing a Goddamn thing. Plus an occasional epic speech. Grievously underappreciated job to have, being a speech writer for a warlord.