Monday, 24 March 2014

The EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L II USM

“Your judgment or your taste has never been in question. You buy seldom, and when you do, you leave wasteland on the credit accounts.” (G about my shopping.)
Most of my big winter projects are nearing completion. This is also the only time in the past few years that I have more money than I can spend. That is to say, I have no money and absolutely nothing I would need. This makes me nervous. Usually I am more feminine than that and can always think of something important I cannot live without. If I had several grand on my account, that trip to Mongolia would probably come bobbing up again, along with all the arguments for and against. What savings I did have, General took to buy me a new computer, tired of me throwing things around the room for having a crap processor and graphics fit for a fifteen year old phone. A few grand would also lean steeper into a purchase of a Mac already, but no. I like the computer that I have. Even if it is eight years old and sound like it has an old diesel locomotive falling through it. The gentleman in the store explained that the comp we were looking at establishes it’s Windows in 4.3 seconds once you turn it on. I can relate to that. I can have 4.3 coffees before Windows start working in mine.
So, between what I would do if I really had a lot of money (go on a long trip, publish another book, start looking at real estate…) and having just a little money, which I merrily waste on books, chocolate, make-up, books, coffee dates, books and books, there’s this.
My next lens.

This is a wide-angle landscape or, as I like to call it, street-photography 2.8 L series USM, not a prime, granted, but a beauty nonetheless. Oddly enough, I cannot find primes that would serve me better – Canon either has a 17mm/ f/4 tilt-shift, overpriced, a 20mm/ f/2.8, which doesn’t really excel in anything or a 24mm/ f/2.8, which is already dangerously close to my kit lens. (Kits are not dark horses, but they do prove to be extremely, well, wide-ranged in their practicality.) Considering I am not really a street photographer (yet), that is less to do with my lack of a motivation than it is with an actual lack of a street. Oh, I do have a street. A very noisy street. It’s right down here. But this is a small provincial town. Street-wise, nothing ever happens that would grow above the need of a 50mm.
So, as investments and ambitions go, this is now on the top of my list. Its right between important and fun, trivial stuff. As the thing about the lenses, they tend to inspire beautiful hunts.