Sunday, 2 March 2014

The last 12 hrs..

Making of the video for Fajercajg band (Tinka's hubbs band).. Again, there is sooooo much material and the song is only 3 and half minutes long. Making the video certainly is a lot more fun than editing it, as it all pretty much feels like a triage job.
Last night I shot a party, dressed into a Bollywood actress.. I wore so much make-up, I literally stuck to the camera with my cheek, leaving greasy patches of foundation on the display. There was just no way to clear my eyes of the make up by morning, so I watched Saving Mr. Banks and wept like a five-year old to purge the eyeballs as the last resort. It helped somewhat. We shot in a dance studio, using backlight and a projection as a front light. The band rotated to make a comical display of inability to use instruments when out of their comfort zone. Like I said, plenty material ensued: D
Off to lunch with my parents, which I haven't seen since the literary eve. I wanna test the recording device on dad, luring him to tell me stories I can use for his biography … Yes, he is STILL playing hard to get.  

Some pickies from last night costume party: 
The theme was Hollywood..

The staff of Metropol rocked it!

I forgot to nominate these two - I hope they won!
Salt and Pepper :D So cute!