Thursday, 13 March 2014

Awarding the roles of downtrodden women

I am probably the only person in the whole wide world who wasn't impressed by 12 years a slave. (Or, for that matter, Frozen and not because I'd think Miyazaki infallible, but because the story was as flat as ice and the songs were utterly, utterly unmemorable..) I felt more impact of a broken human spirit on a platter in the last five minutes of Captain Phillips than in all three hours of Chiwetel Ejiofor's I-just-sucked-on-a-lemon face thorough the 134 minutes run of the flick. Every scene was so over-perfected, every gasp, every drop of sweat, every time people don't do anything but stand and stare flatly ahead, every whipping, every rape had that Hollywoodish layer of glazing over it, like a fruitcake. 
That one redeeming information about how Fassbender fainted after the ugly rape scene does not overshine that actual Solomon was in cahoots with the guys who sold him, because their play was selling him over and over again, splitting profits, until it backfired. Honestly, like killing that Kennedy guy or any movie ever made about baseball, as slavery goes, I mean American South slavery, I've had it up to HERE with Amistad, Django and Isaura, which I watched when I was little and North and South wasn't on the air anymore. It's done to death and blatantly distracting from actual contemporary problems. Uh, and my favorite part - him coming home and his family is just standing there. Yes, because after my husband was kidnapped for twelve years, that's exactly what I would do. Stand and let him apologize for his appearance. And wait for my turn to hug him. Good directing, that one. Realistic.
     Another thing I don't rightly understand is awarding first time actors. The Academy Award is supposed to reward an effort in the craft of acting and I imagine the reason they refuse to award DiCaprio is because he's been playing the same dirty tsar since Titanic. Just because someone did a great job convincing they are a very pretty colored lady in slave clothes, how are we to know this is the only thing she is? What if this wasn't acting at all but simply a projection of her genuine personality? Like Eminem, who did a really good job playing Eminem?
    That said, my biggest problem is rewarding well delivered roles of women on the downfall. This really fucking pisses me off. HOW is this the best performance of the whooooole year?? Of aaaaaall the movies? I have photographed beautiful women and I told them how to pose, I set the lights, the MUA and hairdressers did their part and then everyone said what a beautiful photo. If you gave us good clothes, great hair, fitting makeup, lit us, pointed cameras at us and told us to stare defeated through each window, any friend of mine and I would look equally profound and yearning. Cate Blanchett is a good actress, no question there, but to take away her makeup, light her with nasty realistic light, tell her what to do by a good director, reciting good script... How is that the best ACTING? Johnny Depp in a stupid movie playing an instantly impressive pirate, that is ACTING. Noomi Rapace as GWTDT and then Fassbender and her in Prometheus. The gap between Guy Pearce in Priscilla and then in L.A. Confidential. Anything ever done by Phillip Seymour Hoffman, starting with Twister. Klaus Kinski as a positive guy. Ralph Fiennes in any romantic comedy. Any porn actress ever. Rhys Ifans in Notting Hill, that is AMAZING acting. Rowan Atkinson in every crappy movie he has ever done, that's ACTING. Even Judy Dench in Philomena, portraying a little old lady, after we've last seen her as M. That is good acting. But a woman who is known to be very beautiful and then she slowly goes downhill from there.. That is good make-up. Every single woman on the planet has felt that. I can imagine Mrs. Blanchett feeling and looking like that two days before her period every month. Every beautiful woman after twelve hours of preparing for a scene looks like that. I don't know. I am just so damn spoiled by non-Hollywood movies that there just isn't one anymore that would impress me, portraying realism. Portraying a desperate astronaut in a hail of iron and glass in the orbit, that isn't something you see every day. But whipped slaves, drunk socialites and cool historical figures who weren't cute in real life - that's daytime TV aplenty.
Or maybe I’m just angry every time someone looks at my photo and compliments the model.