Sunday, 9 March 2014

Feeligh like Messner :D

Climb the first hill in a while. 'Twas pudhy :D

 Few years back such nasty winds blew, they pulled out or broke all the trees..

 Higher we got, of course, the more snow we had. Legolasing our way over it for a while, sooner or later each missed a step and got stuck.

 Summit :D

 Maja, Samo et moi with Alps in the back, bombing the photo..

 On the way back, we checked out The Gallows - a monument to all the folk hanged here, guilty of smuggling. Again, these were jolly old times before it became illegal to ill-match punishment to the crime.
 Woods were tranquil, though :)

 I mentioned this statue before and how I am aroused by dying heroes...  Can't help but to fantasise about a man with beautiful thighs, fighting his restraints, naked, angry and sweaty and.. Ugh..
Never mind.
This is really darkened shot, because in reality, the snow was so bright I wore my buffy over the eyes. With air this crisp, every speck of dirt in my lens becomes painfully evident...