Saturday, 29 March 2014

Most of my health is gradually putting itself back together. If feels gooood. I am still pissed that pretty much all of my muscle mass has gone to better places, what little I managed to accumulate during the past few weeks. But okay. Clean slates. Muscle memory and all that.
Just one thing remains, something that bothers me immensely. Whenever I am sick, my sense of smell gets very acute. By this I mean to say it is probably half of what normal people have and yet, to be able to smell so many odors and fragrances… This is fairly freakish.
Scent is the only thing one cannot download from the internet (well, okay, and touch and stuff), so when someone is complaining of a cheap perfume, I think, fine, whatever, trifles. And I can easily claim I prefer humans without any artificial scents, because I like normal skin, not chemicals. Hunters tend to be odorless; it’s the whole idea of stealth across the board. But today, the people in theater, good gods. I now know why my dog sometimes sneezes, passing ladies in the street. The amount of stuff folk wears! From the worst of cheapest to the nicest imaginable, but sooo much of it! Isn’t it a protocol to spray a small cloud of fragrance in the air before yourself and then walk into it, just to give yourself a whiff of … dunno, something flowery I suppose? Mixed with the leather and the street smells and the smell of coins and printer ink and the mites and beer and people smoking outside, coming in…
Is it okay on normal people to have to endure all this? Does it just take getting used to? Cause, honestly, I don’t think I’m missing all that much. They say smell is one of the most important senses and yes, no, please, take all the points out and put it in the sight. I far prefer distinguishing 2000 colors than 200 smells. Like the sense of temperature is overrated. Is it cold or is it hot or is it comfy? There really is no need to dig deeper into that one.