Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sick :S

Eh, poot. Am coming up with one of the spring bugs. I know this is necessary for boosting my immune system, but it sucks donkey balls nonetheless. I feel like my clothes were made of sandpaper :S

Watching Crossing Lines. It is not the worst procedural, although my standards are fairly high and it's supposed to be taking place in Europe, yet everything is super American. All cast is super cute and females are all 20-something models and guys are all 30-something hotties, there's lots of handguns handling and high tech dick measuring. I am not the one to miss out on anything with William Fichtner in it and there's some Donald Sutterland and Tom Wlaschiha is edible as always. The crimes and search are nice and long, nothing too complicated. there hasn't been any car chases yet, give it time. The one nice lady that was in the pilot, played by Genevieve O'Rilley, died by the end of the pilot. She was the only one who looked old enough to be trusted with the worst of crimes. Somehow in the real world, I'd prefer someone with at least three years of experience chasing an international criminal and saving me. But it doesn't hurt that they look good while they'd be at it.