Monday, 17 March 2014

Women of Good Wife

Thank ye Gods of airwaves, some shows are back. The Good Wife, one of the rare shows still holding strong after 5 very long seasons. I enjoy these stories so much. 5x14 takes us back to how Alicia got her groove back, but as always I just love watching Diane. I know it takes a certain amount of money to look this elegant, but I really want to look this elegant when I grow up. She is so very formidable in her posture and the way she talks. Alicia is stately, but Alicia is also very beautiful. And then we have Jackie, the old retired first lady or so she seems to see herself. Elsbeth is a total mess, a huge contrast to the fact she is the smartest lawyer out there.. “Manipulatable…ble.. “ and she dresses like she fell off a back of a truck on a way to a clown show. Kalinda used to be leather cool, now she’s just kinds messy and boring. She always looks and acts the same. Dunno, are there any other women in that show? Funny, though, how a string of pearls is supposed to feminize a lady. Dressed like a man or.. an undertaker, most business women are discouraged from looking like they have breasts or a vagina, or even hair. They put on a terribly dull gray suit – and a string of pearls. And voila. No mistake, she’s a woman.
And, of course, because I am a sucker for passion, I love Alicia + Will confrontations. Politics and lawyer stuff just sort of blends into the background. It’s like watching ballet, knowing full well it’s a surrogacy for intercourse, just like anything those two do is a sexual interaction, with court as a bedroom and the gavel as the gasp.