Thursday, 27 March 2014

Everything wrong with... Titanic

LoL, watching a Cinema Sins mocking commentary on Titanic's plot...
   "To me it was a slave ship, taking me back to America in chains..." [and shot of a very pretty very rich young lady, upping the first class stairs.]
Commentary: "I think I've read about a slave or two who might change places with you."

Later, Jack in tux bids Rose goodnight: "It's time for me to go row with the other slaves."
Commentary: "I think I've read about a slave or two... Oh, fuck it."

Dying Jack to Rose on the makeshift raft:"... and you're gonna make lots of babies..."
Commentary: "Yea, after that hot sex with Jack and considering currect situation, she has plenty of frozen empbryos..."
Ouch :D

And also their Avatar commentary is pretty vicious :D