Thursday, 13 March 2014

Another attempt at climbing last night. Got high :D I mean high high, not stoned high.... Oh, seriously, was the entire slang for smoking weed invented by climbers??
This time General held my rope and I could see he is also a little bit tempted to try. Unfortunately, we tried that and it's just a no-no with his arm. He makes for a good weight, though, and I of course felt far less exposed. He didn't talk to me at all - except after I already let go and swung around - then he told me that if I want to get down, I have to promise to behave and do the dishes for a week :D Silly mutt. He wasn't impressed by me yet, but we're getting there. 'Course, it didn't help that when we got in, toddlers were doing their climbing and don't ask what that looks like. Like the concept of gravity hasn't kicked in yet. Holy biscuit! All my excuses just packed up and left :D
This time I had a nice instructor, a very calm and polite man, and so good at doing this that a few times I got stuck halfway up, he just sort of hopped on beside me, pointed at the right hold and hopped off again. He also showed me several things I'm doing wrong and loosing unnecessary arm strength in the process..  The mission is to get to the very top on the left side wall - not the top of the route just yet - but as last night I could already see myself doing it, suddenly my legs gave and I was literally too drained to take the last leap. G didn't understand why in two hours we only do four ascends... Well, it's really difficult to type today, that's all I'm gonna say :D
One step closer to overcoming the dream (the gym is getting smaller every day), the instructor explained why I find the wall a lot flatter the upper I go, almost waiting to glue myself to it... And how I should learn to extend my limbs and relax them... Fact is I really wanna hug the wall and the very idea of moving onto the next one, thus creating a whole foot of air between us, is at this point unfathomable. 3 inches from the ground, sure, no problem. I'll swing from one arm if need be... But 30 feet up.. I'm hanging onto my eyelashes and trembling.
On the plus side, my butt is really bouncy.