Monday, 24 March 2014

Feeling bad :/

Felling more and more queasy, because about twice a year a vertigo hits me and I have to keep my head down from rolling off and my neck from barfing. It's a shitty condition, but at least it passes within a day or two and I can still play video games while I wait and commiserate.
It does, though, diminish my capacity for romanticism, and makes me feel kind of worn out. I get the sneaking suspicion the universe is laughing at my good intentions. I woke up earlier and had two missed calls from two people I’ve been trying to match-make for weeks, but who refuse to allow themselves to be hammered together, mainly because they both claim the other one wouldn’t like them. I hate it when two pieces of the puzzle refuse to fit. Ruins my whole grand scheme of things. Things would be so much easier if everyone listened to me and did what I say.
Anyways. The missed calls were mostly butt-dials. That much about that. And Will Gardner dies in Good Wife. Am marginally depressed now. I’ve decided what my 40-day lent will be… Not so much abstinence from coffee in general, but asking people on coffee dates. It’s usually me who does the instigating, so now I’ll wait to see what happens. See who actually enjoys my company or just endures it. I am in the right shitty enough mood to do these things to myself.
I may watch the Nymphomaniac again, without skipping scenes. From the bottom up, I may actually find some things about it that make sense.