Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Changes :)

I've radically changed my hair colour, somewhat mayhap to mourn the dead and somewhat, because spring is ... springing and I am so used to my old that by the time this one grows dim and I reapply red, it will seem like a whole fresh new me :D In bloom!
But yaar, spring is officially here! Pretty much all the hairy monstrums in the house are in mating season, cats humping the furniture and one another, the mutt starting to act like a nymph, me... Well, not that I am not in love in winter, but I go positively insanely madly deeply in honey with my hubsies in March, planning and plotting his birthday surprise and buying him more yummy chocolate than any human can survive. (It's just how I express my affectionate stupidity. Slowly killing my darlings with sugar and cholesterol.) These days we are both so overworked, that I barely get to see him and when I do see him, he is so tired and I am so tired, we're just two melting marshmallows, stuck together, warming each other under a snuggie. Watching Hobbit 2.0
The list of my errands is absurd - not to mention having to run around, taking care of parents' deals, as two days ago my dad lost a boxing match over a parking space and he's being kept in the hospital for observation... Of course they have found all sorts of things wrong with him, old brain scar tissue, poorly healed broken stuff, those sort of minor anomalies one just ignores in one's body... Nutty old sod. Well, I have to get him home today, before they exhibit him as a medical wonder. In between business dates.
I've sort of almost finished the video for Tinka's hubbie's band, half finished one for the dancer we did along the way, wrote the texts for the bio farm website (more to must), sent them photos to use under it, I almost finished the picture book, negotiating the library code, always fun, ate myself into a week-long tummy ache at the nephew's party yesterday, skipped climbing, had dinner with my bestie Maja, drew additional frames for the Fr. revolution project, ordered a new battery for Marki on-line, party job scheduled in two days, have four dates in the next two days and a menial labour weekend. General is in school, so I keep busy not to miss him too badly. I think I wrote four pages of the new book. Maybe five. I also know I am forgetting something important, I just can't remember what.....

... And this is what my hallway looks like. Under construction.

.. and yes, I hear every hammerfall in detail.

I got an interesting offer for a studio, which I may actually take. Very fond of photographing nudes lately, the problem I have is that all my nudes ooze intimacy too intensely, so unless I elevate it to a more rigid, frigid form, I'll fail to achieve the standards of the ambition (for an actual exhibit) and just end up showing what I do for fun as opposed to what I can as a professional.

From Niko's shoot.

... Oh, fuck me. Now I remember. I forgot to shoot the winter sequences of the Shards movie! Bloody hell!