Thursday, 20 March 2014


Well, this was depressing. Watched the first half (only half I'll watch) of the Nymphomaniac. If Antichrist was angst porn, this was just plain porn. Depressing porn. Suddenly I no longer have any desire to photograph nudes. If I see another stranger’s penis, I will freak out. I walk with my va-j-j so tightly locked, my knees rub. I pity the actors and seriously cannot see the point of this movie. Like any woman who likes sex is mentally unstable and any woman who refuses to love is mortally full of self-pity. So, to show two hours of a young girl fucking (and I mean actual fucking, not sort of kind of artistic fucking), for every coitus scene, you get to see and hear a beaten, lifeless woman giving her confession to a fly fisher. The fly fisher is, oddly enough, literal.
The oddest bit is that earlier I watched a ShowWhite and Seven Dwarfs porn on the net and it was really fun and erotic and arousing. That one I’ll watch again. I’ll have to, if I ever want my libido to come out from under the wardrobe, where at the moment it’s hiding in horror.