Saturday, 1 March 2014

"This is how you are"

(Or, as said in the language used: Taksi)

Just came from the theater (and I've forgotten how much I like it), which I liked a lot. Perhaps not many others did, but it's the comedy season and I know this author, so I am able to lower my expectations. Once over the clichés, limited material, total disregard for being a creature of culture and making people laugh with really obvious strokes.. I thought it was pretty funny. Not familiar with either of the actors (one man played a taxi driver and a boy played about 8 different passengers), probably because I don’t watch TV, their acting impressed me, as did the minimal use of props and sound to the maximum effect. I thought that the makers of this show understood the stage completely and could milk it to their best advantage. Also there were moment of pause which were hilarious – like the sweatpants wearing ‘revolutionary’ standing on the ‘car’ with V sign up… That was so silly :D The scene with the mute boy was also funny, if really not polite, and although it could have been done deeper, so was the scene with the young priest. The only real story took place between the taxi driver and a stalking transvestite which turns out to be his abandoned son. Unfortunately there was a lot of shouting and screaming (and it seems it’s a new normal to wear microphones, so it gets really loud) and I couldn’t hear much of the ‘angry’ dialogues. It’s fun to debate these things with the General, because he pays attention to completely different things and we come home with two completely different shows.. :D
Mental note: definitely must work in a theater at least once, although I really want to do a musical, not a drama.