Thursday, 4 May 2017

American Gods pilot...

After watching the pilot to American Gods, I am no longer worried someone will think I am plagiating the genre - Goose is nothing like it at all. Though very nicely filmed, and Ian McShane is sublime always, this show has none of the superlative intelligence of The Sandman, which is all I need to know. 

Now I also know that regarding fantasy, though a sprinkle of old myths, possible in sexy cast and with Marvel having something to do with, unless there's constant fucking and/or inhumane violence with literally buckets of blood, possibly done by bare hands, nothing will ever be a hit in the US. Actually, the more you make it look like the lead character has brain damage and is just hallucinating it all, the better.

But hey, I just watched a lady anti-birth a guy up into her vagina. That IS hard to top.