Sunday, 28 May 2017

Off to the lake

G offed to hunt in the wee hours and I stared at that majestic Venus though the window while I peed, thinking I'm not really in a mood to sleep anymore and want to go out. Though I was forbidden to leave the house until it gets a bit brighter, as it's Sunday morning and the streets are full of drunks and G was worried someone might hit me with a car, it was just pleasant enough around 4:40 and so I grabbed the idiot dog who is always excited for an adventure (and resented us grievously yesterday when we returned from a bike ride WITHOUT her...), the photo bag and headed in the direction of the lake outside the city. 

The camera bag is not really made for trekking, especially if you're wearing short sleeves, because the straps rub against the inside of the arms where the skin is most tender. But nobody cares about stuff like that: I had music in my ears, Barky was tied to one of the bag until we reached the outskirts where it was safe for her to run around unleashed and G texted me from time to time, so paved road passed quickly. 

There were two very old oaks just at the edge to town which I've never noticed before, and of course didn't photograph because it wasn't bright enough yet, though I will some day. There's a plaque describing the pair as remnants of the old forest which used to stretch out here before people. Right behind them is a Lidl store: it was the first time I noticed an odd anxiety going into a Lidl that is not the one I always shop in ... It is arranged in the exact same way, but it is not the same store. This unsettles me. If I had entered an identical Lidl while I was abroad last year, but walked out of it and found myself too far from home, it would make me cry, so I avoided them.

A few minutes later we passed this thing in now someone's garden: an old roads mark. Another first for me. What road reached out at this part of town I don't know, but it was probably busy. It was too weather-worn to show any marks anymore. I wonder if anyone knows what the faces used to say?

As soon as the sun rose I started shooting anything that didn't escape me :D Mostly cause it's pretty.

This lake, made by an artificial barrier and sometimes the end for some shitty swimmer who knows too little about mud, silt, algae and currents, was built in the seventies to stop three very small, but awfully fickle rivers from delivering a too vast supply of storm water to the main river when it was the least bit needed. It's some 15 meters deep and some over a hundred square kilometres spread. You can't really go round and round, but you can crescent it, as many dog-walkers, joggers and cyclists do, and me and Bark. Though fish jump around, so Barky wasn't too happy when I called her out to piers to pose. 


On plus side as soon as the sun touched the surface mists rose dramatically and it was glorious. On minus, high puffy cloud carpet followed and I lost the fucking sun in half an hour - the time it took me to reach one end of the pier :/

We came upon several small bands of fishermen with their many sticks stuck in the edge, wrapped in sleeping bags and napping gently on their lying stools. I've no idea what kind of fishing such a lake - not that clean, muddy and too close to industry for my taste - may offer, but then again I don't know anything about fishing and they seemed to be having a good time, so ...

Slowly we turned and walked back to the other side where a parking lot is and where we waited for G to pick us up on his way home. All meadows were mowed, so we didn't find any new grasses.