Friday, 12 May 2017

Criminal minds season 12 finale (spoilers, duhh)

Kudos to the writers and actor portraying Spencer Reid in Criminal minds for the last two episodes of the show. Though the whole ‘Reid in jail’ arch was boring and didn’t make any sense, there were two good things to come out of it. First was a scene at the end of season 12 episode 21, when him and JJ are standing in front of the door and Reid doesn’t remember he is allowed to touch it. That was a great detail.
In episode 22 (I’m guessing the cliff-hanger last episode of the season? Yup.) he is confronted again with a woman that seemed to have gotten good rating and the audience asked for him to be confronted with her again, on even worse terms. Since Reid is ‘the virgin’ character of the ensemble, the one to only love platonically and intellectually, the evil character of Cat Adams is second closest he comes to having a relationship. And it was a good twist, what with the rape and stealing of his seed to father a baby inside a woman he clearly deems the worst humanity has to offer. But he embraces the idea of being a father and doesn’t flinch when she physically harasses him, as sexually as it is allowed on cable. Kudos to the writers and the actor for all the scenes in which he doesn’t blink, using his scrawny face and overall appearance and his large eyes to convey minimalistically everything he has to say. That was surprisingly well done for a daytime TV show. Took ‘em fucking long enough to get there, too.