Monday, 1 May 2017

RIP, dear padi

Eh, my iPad died. I know it sounds as stupid as saying 'my phone died', but it's more like 'my car died', as I don't really have any means of just storming the first Apple store (do we even have an Apple store in these parts?) and buy a glimmering new one. That little thing has been with me from the start. I got it as kind of a wedding present from G or at least as a way to blog on my honeymoon and that was a better part of a decade ago. It was a hard working and very good little padi. we went everywhere together, we literally sailed all around Europe, it and I. I don't have a smart phone, not even a marginally cunning phone, so that was my way into Instagram and the like. It's why I'm going to slack a little bit until I give enough 5 dollar blow jobs to earn a new one. (That was a joke. Calm down. I'm just saying 5 bucks is 5 bucks.) 
And of course it died while I'm away for a few days and I now have to post this on someone else's comp (feels like driving someone else's car..) 
Though that part is okay. I've checked up on all my necessary youTubers and American Gods reviews while I write this, googled all the pressing questions like Hegel For Dummies and why are some sheep born black?.. and am making plans to just draw indoors (forgot my seal and stationary at home, so am watercoloring postcards to write to G) or go out alone and storm the botanical garden. It's a crappy excuse not to write, as I should be doing. Why don't I just travel with a giant typewriter like Hunter Thompson though a desert and edit photos AFTER they've come out? :)) Because of bullet journals, that's why. Newb.

Reading Diamond's The World Until Yesterday. It's an author a little better than Bryson, though not trying to be funny. Good stuff, tho, if you're into the basics.