Wednesday, 17 May 2017

AAar, worked like a mule all day – and got sunburnt down my arms :/ Though the day started off crappy, I was in a rotten mood and then I managed to rip my underwear (it feels incredibly stupid when you have torn underwear and you’re supposed to be working. It feels like it just isn’t your day) it picked up. We were readying hay for rolling – meaning someone needs to put it in lines using a tractor (G), and the rest use rakes for the finishing touches. It was a lot of raking, believe me. Tomorrow we are pouring honey – taking what acacia run accumulated and making room for the next flavour (chestnut, I think). I’ve not actively participated in honey pouring before, so apart from knowing you end up sticky and smelling very nice, I’ve no idea what my job tomorrow will be :) Taking the camera this time, though, because wild meadows are majesty.