Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Learning to illustrate a web comic - the importance of STEPS

Aaaarrr... My head's gonna fall off from all the tutorials I've been watching... The switch between watercolour illustration and Photoshop illustration is so complicated that if you don't know the basics of your tool, you're buggered. Example, I didn't know about FLATTING. I suspected there must be some sort of flatting procedure, process to make things easier, but I didn't know someone's already thought of it before me and made the whole thing a lot easier if you know where to look for......

In watercolours, it's: brush, ink, water and colours. Maybe some t.paper for soaking up the puddles. 

In photoshop... fuck. 
First you need to sketch the damn thing by hand. (Or Illustrator but for now we're ignoring it since yesterday.) 
Then you photo the sketch and clean it. 
Then you FLAT it. It takes for ever to lasso all the little details, but, so worth it.
Then you colour
Then you add effects.

Right now I'm at staring at the blank pad with half a pencil broken off, wondering what to draw......

14 hours later...

Keep practicing. You'll get there eventually....