Friday, 19 May 2017

Haha, poor G – we had plans to go help his parents again this morning, but he is so tired after three days of menial labour on top of his regular night shifts, he got onto the bed and was in mid discussing whether or not I should join him, when all coherent functions stopped mid-sentence and the snoring began full torque :D Idiotic pumpkin; I wish he would just admit when he’s at the end of the line. Even I am beat and I did the menial labour bits only.
Now for the important questions. Knowing him he won’t wake up again until eleven in the evening. Do I steal five bucks from his wallet and go see Alien: Covenant? I know I won’t like it, because I am one of those rare people who liked Prometheus for the Prometheus bits, not the Alien bits (Okay, though the rape of the evil Engineer was just my kind of hot. I’m that twisted in the cunt.) and this movie is just Alien bits again… But Ridley Scott HAS made some of my favourite movies so far…
It is a PERFECT day for a bike ride. Perfect. That I will likely spend drawing my treasure map. And go on a long walk with Barky in the rain tomorrow.