Friday, 12 May 2017

Dreaming in waves

Brain did a cool thing today, whilst dreaming: it repeated the experience over and over again whilst every time upping the ante: I got hit by a tidal wave, like in the movies, but an ever bigger one.
The first one was while we were playing in a shallow bay – the whole bay was about a chest-high pool and there were lots of people. The wave came suddenly, about a 100 ft. high. We had to be really careful to time the diving in correctly, because it was a vast wave and if we ran out of air, we could drown. There was also a problem with it cresting just right now, and large chunks of water began to fall on us. The other problem was – there wasn’t much room to dive into – once the wave arrived, it rolled us around viciously and if the bed wasn’t made of sand, it would be fatal. But we got out on the other end. 
The second time the wave WAS bigger, slower, wider and it carried more debris and the bedrock WAS stone. 
But the third one was positively Blockbuster Movie rank. I even had to cheat a little bit, taking miniature gasps WHILST under muddy water, which wouldn’t work obviously, in reality I would drown. During the tidal wave I split into two people – an older girl and a younger girl. We got rolled and carried around the bay so hard it washed us INTO a derelict floating building, where we were able to find pockets of air. In the dream I was able to see underwater – something I am otherwise not able to do. Careful to move from broken room to room, we managed to make it to the balcony window and open it enough to see what was happening: the house was being pushed in front of the wave and it was about to roll and sink. I had to throw ‘my little Hollywood sister’ out over the window and convince her that we’ll be fine, one we puncture the wave, because we were so far out into the ocean already, it was clear on the other side of the wave. 
You should see the amount of sand in my ears and nose and mouth, and how realistic all of it was. Oh, when some day the technology is ready to service this sort of experience to viewers virtually, it’ll be astounding.