Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Days 2 and 3

The second day I packed Marki and offed to the city botanical garden - which is always opened from 7am and there's no fee. There's been some minor frost damage, but mostly it's just glorious trees (some from the first day they opened it, when Napoleon was still hot stuff around here) and flowerbeds of plants and grasses. I didn't shoot as many grasses as I could as it would make little sense to portray wild flowers in a controlled garden. But then the sun showed up - I was completely alone, because it was May 1st - it felt like I was completely alone in the entire city, and I made several more rounds until finally getting fatigued and returned home, photographing bridges and footbridges and watergates, but those were all shit.


The third day weather was similar: cloudy and windy until I walked out, then it got sunny and after a few hours as I returned indoors, cloudy and windy again. I searched all the paths on the castle hill and took photos of the city round and round...

Even the building that some genius though: you know what this medieval, white, classy and quaint city needs smack in the middle? A building that looks like a nuclear holocaust crematorium. 

But the castle is super pretty, as all castles are always super pretty and I love them all. Because they are pretty. 

And the pretty, very old part of town in its shadow...

I like this monument to Fabiani, a famous architect. One of those who weren't completely awful.