Thursday, 25 May 2017

Cops and robbers

Been watching Kraut’s video on the subject of all the crimes that have happened in the last year in Germany, mostly due to migrants, mostly arguing some layman moron who claimed that most ‘arsons’ were accidental fires and thus not crimes, itd… Kraut takes his time to read though the German Law books and explains there is no such thing as an accidental fire caused by a person, because even if you’re being stupid and clumsy or just negligent, (say, tossing a cigarette into a dumpster in the refugee center, which then develops into a whole smoky affair…) that is still a serious crime, if property and especially if people are endangered.

So I’ve read through the 2016 yearly police report of my city. There are give or take 50.000 citizens registered around here and I am not sure how many police officers, but not that many. And I love reading their reports. I mean, they are very short. 2015 was an exceptionally messy year because of the migrant crisis, so 2016 looks a lot better by comparison, but overall crime is ever going down and there are some really cute report lines, such as: no police officer was grievously harmed while confronting suspects, neither were the suspects, with some minor injuries on both sides (which approach and how heavy is very regulated. Even a suspect having been pushed on the ground while being handcuffed is considered an extreme handling..) , NO shots were fired, not even warning shots, and not one time was there a need for a police dog. Isn’t that so cute? There’s just not that much happening, where guns and dogs were needed. Mostly we get traffic shit, most injuries and death around here are from traffic accidents anyway, and some drunken brawls, but other than that people are rarely within crimes, rarely robbed or assaulted directly. There are exceptionally few sexual assaults, or serious arson with malicious intent. The last time the General and I called for police assistance was last year during winter, when a drunken bum was napping in front of our house and we were worried he might freeze. Two cops came and they were so friendly to the guy, knowing him by name, calling him buddy, they got him up and into his shelter like they were off to a movie night with the boys. G and I thought that was remarkable. And i made a good impression on the police vice-commissioner the other year, when his 9-year old daughter and I got into a serious and lengthily debate about Plants and Zombies. I get along great with nerdy younglings.