Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Cutest non-puppy-romance moment occurred yesterday, against all odds and I simply cannot explain the massively important timing…

So, yesterday, Monday morning, after his nightshift, G grabs me and Starbark, who is in season for the third time since her birth seven years ago (shy bitch, like me), we go to his parents' place to help with hay-stacking. Though one of my favourite farm tasks, it's a pain in the ass, because it has to be done in the dead of sub-blaze and even today I am super careful not to overheat and keep my core temperature level. (because you do get very, very warm.)

All in all it was an awesome day: first G and other tractorists (the day was such EVERYONE was outside with their tractors) turned the tall grasses to dry them out completely and I drove his mum to the field (test drive in the new car – first time I was allowed to use it. G is SO happy to have a terrainer again, so he can ride around off roads) where we did the finishing touches with rakes. Then the others offed for lunch and I followed on foot with the camera, chasing plants. Found some super huge dandelions. After lunch, after the nap, mum-in-law and I followed G who lined the grass, ready for the harvester and she and I waited for the neighbour to come collect the hay and drive it to their barn. The men then got the hay to the space under the barn roof and mum-in-law and I were supposed to rake the remaining few bits of hay into piles to be collected later. I told her to go home; I’ll handle it on my own. Well, I managed to get half of the field neat, before I nigh passed out and was relieved to no end when G drove up to me to say we’re done for the day. Fuck but that’s a loooong fucking field.

Anyway. To the funny story.
    For the most of the afternoon, from before three till the end at nigh eight, Starbark was with me in the open. I had her tied to the tree in the shadow while tractors and harvesters were roaming about because she’s not used to them and I don’t want her to die of stupidity, but after they left, I released her and she played all over the vast estates (there are many stripe-shaped fields belonging to different farms, having different stuff on them, though this year mostly grass..)
     So, for over five hours we were there, in the middle of nowhere, having a good time on a beautiful day. When G drove up, I was on one end of the stripe and when she saw him and he called for her, Starbrak sprinted to greet him. At the exact same time all three of us noticed GINORMOUS German shepherd at the edge of the field. G and I both started yelling at Starbrak (because she is the kind of a dog to always get into fights), who CHARGED the huge (100 pounds at least) male, who was so shocked by the crazy horny pussy he started running away. But Starbark then luckily veered back to G and he put her in her carrier in the trunk. The large dog came to us to play, dragging two shoestrings of saliva from his head as male dogs smelling females in heat usually do. He peed on every spot she lay or played at.

Now imagine that dog arrived not five but ONE minute before G. What would I do? How would I stop two dogs from either fighting or, cuter, making puppies? One was the size of a wolf, there would be no way to get them apart if they decided to murder one another. Luckily, very luckily, he was an extra friendly dog and if he only came to make sweet sweet love, maybe I would be able to use the leash on him, tie him to the tree and get Barky home, then return to release him… Of course, that is if she obeyed me.

But so. Impossibly, impossibly lucky timing. It didn’t occur to me a in a hundred years that a humongous male dog might catch her scent and come check out this new hussy in town. Because I’m naïve.

Or maybe I just want puppies – there’s always that subconscious desire to play with a whole horde of yapping little barrels with tails and ears again. Gods I miss those days. We used to have puppies all the time back home. There is nothing cuter than getting 9 six-week little gremlins to all sit down at the same time while you’re training them with a single cookie split ten ways :D

 Then we had cheeries for brunch :D