Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Another lovely movie night, spent entangled and cushy, watching weird old classics. This time's turn was Saturday Night Fiver - a movie which I, ironically, never saw before in full. The General felt like being in a super-retro mood, old Brooklyn fashion, music and disco groove... It's kind of funny to watch men dance from we're standing, though I have to say it is also quite admirable how some people come to life really only when they're on the dance floor. I suppose it is the same as with battlefields or operating rooms... Other than that, it is a ridiculously depressing movie and there is I think not a single character you don't feel profound pity for sooner or later. Everyone is such fucking losers and the most tragic are those who know it. No wonder the film was such a hit. 

I woke up with a dreadful urge to see Mugen again. My passion for him has not yielded since the first time I saw him and I still plan to name my kids after him, though to get my full dose of Champloo I would have to watch it again start to finish and I don't really have time to do that ATM. Plus I've failed to find an original copy, as the dubbed American one isn't half as lyrical. Sorry, but there is a difference between 'May God forgive you, because I won't...' and 'You shall not recieve the mercy of Buddha twice." Cuortesy of Jin :))
        Ironically, the line which sealed the deal for me in this story doesn't belong to the story at all, but to one of the fictions post festum: a ficlet in which Jin continues the search, only this time for his friends and muses he's met Fuu, who was fat and happy and married and pregnant and the kid wasn't her simple husbands, but most probably Mugen's...
        That story made up my whole winter day :D