Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Omega Underlined

Not only there are more pics of Snufkin from Casual Cosplay and I may have annother comission, but the General walked over to me when he was bored and said: I'm bored. Tattoo me. I don't care what or where, just pick something. So I set everything up and decided to put one of my favorite unrealized tattoos: the Omega Underlined, over one of his old army/navy anchor ones. Not that I wasn't scared a bit, but this man appears to be even crazier than I am, so we got to it. It turns out, it's super easy. I does look a bit wierd and I did feel a bit sick at first, afraid he might be suffering, but he never even blinked - in fact he kept licking my neck and nibbling me, the dumb suicidal little nuthead. He's ordering me more stuff now. I may need a thicker grip. Our next leson will be shading - as if shadowwing and fading... The one thing you have to be super careful with, though, is being super careful. The needles are absurdly exact and if you mess up, it shows like there's no tomorrow..
           It's amazing how quick this stuff happens. About ten minutes to draw the design, about ten minutes to set everything up and about ten minutes to do the craft... And you're set for life. Honestly. I could be charging for this!   O.o